Monday, February 9, 2015

Large cap entries for February

Jon Haghayeghi | Twitter@LoneStarQuant

Everyone needs extra money for Valentines Day, which is why we are here to show you trade setups for companies in the S&P500 that open in February. These stocks are highly liquid and optionable, making them great candidates for a swing position.


YUM! rallies year-after-year during the Spring. In fact, for the past 17 consecutive years YUM has rallied an average of 13% between February and May. The entry date for this trade is February 10th and exit date is May 11th.


Seasonalysis members have traded VFC several years in a row. This company has particularly strong performance through the months of February and March. On average, the 63-day rally between February 7th and April 10th yields an attractive 10.3%.


Have a shorter trade-horizon? Priceline has a great setup through the month of February until the 10th of March.