Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparing for lift off!

We're wrapping up development and will be soft-launching early next week. We've implemented several more requested features. Thanks to all our testers for your bug reports and feature requests! We hope you'll continue to use Seasonalysis and tell your friends and colleagues.

Duplicate Patterns Removed - We've removed the vast majority of "duplicate" patterns.

Pre-Set Pattern Screeners - Several pre-set pattern screeners have been added to make quality pattern discovery easier for novice users.

Date Range Limitations Relaxed - The maximum date range in the pattern search area has been increased to 3 months. It was previously 7 days.

Patterns Table Improvements - Some pattern searches can take a significant period of time if your search criteria are very wide. We've implemented a search timer and a cancel button to cancel the current pattern search.

Pattern Detail Page Improvements - You can now add a pattern to your Saved Patterns on the Pattern Details page itself using the '+ Add To Patterns' button below the pattern history graph.

Symbol Detail Page Improvements - When you're zooming in on the symbol details chart the patterns table will show you the top rated patterns for the selected time frame. We've also added an 'All' tab that shows all patterns in the selected range regardless of day set. Using the All tab in conjunction with the zoom capability is quite powerful.

Symbol Detail Page Chart Improvements - We've added a 5 year average chart that is identical to the charts found in the iPhone/iPad version. Use the left/right toggle controls to navigate through the symbol history in 5 year increments. More charts and chart options are on the way!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What We've Been Working On!

We've been hard at work implementing many back-end/front-end optimizations which just have been rolled out to the main beta site.

The majority of these features are the direct result of tester feedback. We would like to thank our testers for their insightful suggestions; you have been invaluable in helping us correct errors and improve the site experience!

What's New

New Billing System - We've discontinued use of PayPal and have integrated our website directly with, a premier payment gateway solution.

Target Indicator (Symbol Details) - We added a target indicator to the symbol details chart that makes it easier to see where your cursor is located across multiple series.

New Search Range Tool (Discover Patterns) - We've completely re-tooled the pattern search range selector making it easier to use and more powerful.

In-Progress Chart (Pattern Details) - We've revamped the pattern-in-progress chart to include averaged historical behavior. Toggle individual series on or off by clicking the legend labels.

Custom Gain/Loss Colors - You can now set custom gain/loss colors that will propagate through the entire site if you so desire. Set your colors in Account Settings -> Personal Info.

Pattern Ratings - now returns a pattern rating for all seasonal patterns. It's important that members understand the features and limitations of this calculated rating. The rating value can fall between 0.0 and 10.0, with 0.0 signifying a poor pattern and 10.0 signifying an exceptional pattern.

The rating is derived from the pattern win percentage, years of data, G/L divided by the Standard Deviation. This rating is arbitrary in nature, and patterns which rate poorly may very well have validity based on a member's personal criteria.

Screener Improvements - When creating a new screener, the site will take your existing criteria and use them for the newly created screener. Your table sorting criteria will also be saved in your custom screeners on the Discover Patterns page. It's important that you hit the 'Save' button after changing your screener criteria.

Performance Improvements - We've spend a good deal of time improving search and sort performance. However, there may still be noticeable delays if you are sorting more than 5000 patterns.

- Numerous bug fixes and compatibility issues resolved!

What's Coming

- Exclusive features for annual subscription members, details forthcoming
- Additional feature requests and several previously unannounced improvements